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Daria "Duckman" Sherman
United States
Hello boils and ghouls! I am Aanon, an artist who is always looking to improve upon myself and my art.
I enjoy reading horror stories, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Nuclear Throne, and other assorted bullshit.
Ever wish to talk? Drop a note, I always read 'em.

Add me as a friend on Steam: [POLIS] Hugh J. Ness (drop a note if the name doesn't come up)
SKYPE: otaku-j84
Don't be afraid to tag me.
I do requests every once and a while, keep an eye out.
tagged by nyosuke-higashicata


1. Write the rules.

2. Write 13 things about yourself.

3. Answer the 13 questions made by the person who tag you, and make your own 13 questions

4. Tag 13 deviants. And I mean ONLY 13!

5. Make sure that they know that they are tagged

6. Don't say "You're tagged if you read this..."

7. It is forbidden to not tag anyone

8. Tag backs are allowed

9. If you're lazy, don't do it on comments of this journal

10. If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you.

About Me:
1. I just remembered how much I hate tags.

2. I'm doing this in an attempt to rejuvenate a lost sense of fun and enjoyment with the dA community. It's not working.

3. I'm terribly disappointing person.
4. I have a habit of being obnoxiously cynical and pessimistic.

5. I collect a lot of things like figures, comics, and video games.

6. If you ever want to talk to me about things I like, you'll get a good earful. I'm passionate about like two things but I will always have something to say about it.

7. I have an obsession with the 1980's and 80's pop culture. (My old username was a reference to this: *****-J84. 1984.)

8. I have no sense of self control with my possessions. I give gifts away way too much. (Don't get me started on my money lmao)

9. I'm currently in 10th grade, and doing horrible at it.

10. I get bored and agitated with a lot of memes very quickly. Give or take a couple weeks.

11. I get in to periods where I love a thing and get super obsessed with it, and then never really touch it again.

12. I think everyone lies to me and that I'm merely an obligation to everyone I love, and they're just waiting to dump me for something better.

13. Oh yeah and I collect cassette tapes. I have about 15 now, mostly Huey Lewis & the News, Oingo Boingo, and Talking Heads.

Questions Asked, and Answered:
1. Do you have a tumblr blog

I used to. It's still around mainly to keep the URL, but I never post and I never want to go back to tumblr. Can't stand the place now.

2. what is your favorite shade of blue?

(This is a really nice question btw) I like darker, cooler colors, so I really like Navy Blues.

3. Gore or cute things

¿Por que no todos los dos?

4. Sweet or sour

Sweet, for certain.

5. Sea or mountains

Sea. The isolation + calm is much safer at a beach or lake.

6. if i paid you 50 bucks would you lick a snail

Shit I'd put my DICK in the snail for 50 dollars are you kidding.

7. what do you like more, lineart or coloring?

Line art. I suck at coloring so I prefer to keep my art B/W or just sketches since I'm not that good at line art either. OTL

8. If you could spend a week in somewhere for free with everything paid, where would you go?

I'd want to stay home, but with my closest friend paid to fly over to hang out. Or something like that. I don't like going out.

9. what are you, gay???

You fuckin gay dude? You a fuckin faggot or somethin?

10. What do you have to do everyday or it doesn't feel right?

Wear my shitty old jacket, Kangol cap, and watch. If I forget any of those then I get really uncomfortable and weird.

11. Favorite band?

I really like New Wave and Metal, but my favorite band has to be Oingo Boingo.

12. Favorite traditional media?

I want to get so much better at watercolor, I like that. My favorite medium has to graphite/ink though.

13. Do you like sea life

Aw hell yeah.

My Questions for People I Tag:
1. Favorite drink?

2. Any pets that you'd love to have, if you were able to care for it?

3. Current favorite fandom?

4. If you haven't started collecting something, what would you like to start with?

5. Have any prize possessions?

6. If you could mix any two music genres and make it sound amazing, which would they be?

7. Any particular movie/book/game you wish you could get in to but can't for whatever reason?

8. What do you like to do on rainy days, or just drab days in general?

9. Are there any songs you can never get out of your head, and you know just too well to be normal?

10. Can jet fuel melt steel beams?

11. Do you know that AS YOU READ THIS there is a SKELETON inside you RIGHT NOW?

12. You're a big guy.

13. Do you like Huey Lewis & the News?

And now for tagging. I tag-back nyosuke-higashicata , and the rest would be MrMustashe , drfunk98 , mocamocaluver
I really don't know anybody else, honestly.
Rules were made to be broken. Fuck you.
  • Listening to: Metallica
  • Reading: Night Shift by Stephen King
  • Playing: WH40k: Regicide
  • Eating: Peanuts
  • Drinking: Lemonade
So let me ask this here: Over my absence I've made a ton of doodles and funny things on 4chan while I tried to get my head straight. It's mainly Nuclear Throne stuff, but I feel like it will be good.
So, should I post some 6/10 doodles? All at once or every day or so?
It will be about this quality:
TheyWereThreeDaysFromRetirement by AnonymousCynic
  • Listening to: Talking Heads
  • Reading: WH40k: Let the Galaxy Burn
  • Watching: Digibro Commentary
  • Playing: Enter the Gungeon
  • Drinking: Iced Tea
So I'm back, I guess. I need some place to put my shit up again, so hey why not deviantArt again.
I cleaned up my gallery as quick as I could, and most of my stuff was put in a folder of old shit I hate.
My current profile header is a placeholder, I'll change it later.
So let's get back to the meat and potatoes.
  • Listening to: David Bowie
  • Reading: Cujo
  • Watching: COTW
  • Playing: Nuclear Throne
  • Drinking: Water


KIRA KUIN by AnonymousCynic
Dynamite with a laser beam.
First time really trying to draw Killer Queen, in the blue palette no less. I'm happy with it.
I Assure You, We're Open by AnonymousCynic
I Assure You, We're Open
I really, really like Clerks. My crazy group of friends reminds me so much of the cast that I thought I'd mix the two finally.

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JasonStrange1993 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I just wanted to tell you, thanks. Your advice helped me a lot when I was first starting out and you gave me the motivation to keep working on my artwork. I've worked on the things you told me to work on and my art has greatly improved. You've done a lot more than you probably thought you were going to do for me and It means a lot. So again, is to the future.
AnonymousCynic Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016
Hey man, no problem. I'm glad you've kept going and strove to improve so much, which I have seen over the course of watching you. I don't really give out that sort of advice, but I saw so much potential in your work that I'd hate to see harsher "critics" get to your stuff before someone constructive did. I know I haven't said much else since the first couple pictures, but I noticed that you've been making enough changes in each piece that it was clear that you've seen what to work on each time. As long as you keep looking to improve, you'll be going places in no time! Happy that I helped out so much, and I hope I can give some more words of assistance ... if I ever need to again.
landobaldur Featured By Owner May 21, 2016  Professional General Artist
greetings from one creative mind to another
AnonymousCynic Featured By Owner May 21, 2016
I like your work, love the designs! Definitely watched.
Thank you for the llama
landobaldur Featured By Owner May 21, 2016  Professional General Artist
youre welcome (っ◕‿◕)っ <3
mocamocaluver Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2016
I request that you draw me a dank meme 
RexiDoodle Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday! :party::cake:
drfunk98 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2016
KazukiTakuma777 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for liking my picture of Amber, I worked really hard on it and I'm glad people started noticing it!
YandereSalmonShark Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hyeeee frend
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